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Xero is a New Zealand domiciled public technology company, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Xero is a cloud-based accounting software platform for small and medium-sized businesses. The company has three offices in New Zealand (Wellington, Auckland and Napier), six offices in Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth), three offices in the United Kingdom (London,

A former employee said this in a review: "Management at Xero is completely inept. Totally lacking in direction, leadership ability, and communication skills. The company may be successful and great outside of the US, but are destined to fail stateside".


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"Communication is not the key here"

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"I’m very sorry to hear that this has been your experience working at Xero. If you haven’t already, I would strongly encourage you to speak with me or your PX Business Partner regarding the challenges you are facing on your team. We work hard to make sure that Xero is a place where employees feel included, empowered, and supported by teammates and management to do the best work of their lives, and that they are excited to come to work each day. -Bethany (Director of Customer Experience)"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The company philosophy of caring and respect is not executed. There is a small clique of tenured people who bully and threaten. The sales quota structure is totally unfair, with the tenured and loudest maintaining all the opportunity. It’s a free for all, and if you stand up to advocate for yourself, forget it! Tons of turnover. A few solid people but thats not the majority. Great people will leave."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I'm glad you liked the office and I am sorry that your experience at Xero was less than positive. As a fast growing company we take feedback seriously and will make changes to improve our environment and people experience as necessary. Around 35% of hires come from internal referrals and we believe this is a positive endorsement of our values and culture. Our hiring process is rigorous involving people at different levels and requiring multiple layers of approval. We foster a performance driven culture with reward reflecting strong performance. We have introduced a continuous feedback tool and engagement tracking so we can understand what is working well and not so well and take immediate real time corrective action to ensure Xero stays a great place to work for our teams. We monitor any turnover and run exit surveys to ensure any issues are quickly identified and managed."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I am sorry that your experience at Xero has been less than #Beautiful. We are always open to hearing feedback and addressing real issues that exist. We all play a part in the culture and community we build at Xero. I would encourage you to reach out and share more specific details with HR or our US President, Russ - we will always take time to listen to your concerns."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Where to start... - company struggles a lot with leadership (no guidance at all) so people work blindly towards goals that are unachievable. This provides management the excuse to out employees. - seen the sales team struggle constantly to make their number, with and without integrity and are forced to do this - the (US) company invests in a lot of unnecessary things that gets them no return - Management will never give straight answers to questions, no clarity at all where numbers/quotas come from - company over-promises but never delivers (such as product is always late and issues w/ compensation) - Recruiting team ignores internal referrals and HR doesn't solve anything. But everyone gives HR the "bad guy" work and makes them "lay off" employees without any good reason - Xero over hires employees then lays them off in a couple of months when they decide they're not needed anymore. Then will re-hire again, then lay off. It's a never ending cycle - Most of management will not stand up for their employees - be prepared to stand up for yourself and don't be surprised if you're thrown under the bus - employees are never asked for their opinion but they're too scared to give one anyway since they're afraid they'll lose their job over it - no direction - no room for growth opportunities or career advancement (will promise it when you start then will purposely neglect it) - no real, consistent training programs"

Customer Experience Analyst (Former Employee) says

"A place that does not walk the talk...but it's a pleasant enough environment, for about a month... For all the hype about a progressive management culture where you can "do your best work", don't plan on making any quick internal moves if you go in on the C/X team as you're expected to serve for at LEAST 12 months handling cases that come in via Salesforce. Management has ambitious goals to take share from Quickbooks, but the reporting and management analysis capabilities provided by the software are not strong enough to make those ambitious goals possible with their CPA (small & mid-tier & even some LARGE) firm target market. They're pushing a product that's not quite ready for prime-time but the youngsters that are leading the US charge have their hearts in the right place, even if they're chasing an established competitor that has decades of market experience and a head-start that's going to be challenging to overcome, especially with a system that gets data INTO the system elegantly, but doesn't output the data elegantly enough to be a serious contender for professionals that need to demonstrate value-added capabilities to their clients, if they want to use this platform.Free breakfast & lunch once a week, ping pong tableInexperienced management, product could not deliver on lofty goalsThank you for sharing your experience working with Xero. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where employees are encouraged to take ownership of their work and grow within the company if that is their goal. We certainly see a great deal of our CX team members grow into other positions throughout the company. We are upfront in the recruitment process both in the work that CX does in supporting and delighting our customers, and that we ask for a 12 month commitment due to the level of training involved in this role. The customer and product knowledge gained in CX work is often instrumental to people's growth throughout the company. We will continue to evaluate the 12 month commitment and ensure it is adding value to our employee experience and business goals. As well, Xero's mission continues to remain focused on our commitment to accountants, bookkeepers and small businesses in providing them with the best technology available. We certainly are passionate about that. Thank you again for your review.-Brigitte, Talent Acquisition Specialist"

Customer Experience Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Great benefits and very much about showing that they care for making the work place a fun place to be. However I didn't believe in the product and not being able to give customers relevant advice on laws didn't sit well with my experience I hold. Not the job for me.free soft drinks, snacks, alcohol on a Friday, retail discountsHidden targets, not for someone with experience"

Territory Account Manager - Americas (Former Employee) says

"Management is completely inept. Totally lacking in direction, leadership ability, and communication skills. The company may be successful and great outside of the US, but are destined to fail stateside."

Account Manager/Sales (Current Employee) says

"This is probably the most exciting company to work for if you want to be in the accounting or financial industry. Casual work environment and lots of cool stuff. However, it's a company that is certainly having issues growing here in the United States. It seems that the company is still incredibly focused on providing direction from New Zealand, which makes things a little difficult in the U.S. Almost all of the major players in the company are from New Zealand and Australia and it seems as if the U.S. is not a priority. Even the expense reports have to get approved in New Zealand! However, the company culture is very inviting and everyone is friendly. The average age of the employees here is probably in the late 20s, so be careful if you're out of that age range. The company is still creating and trying to define roles, which means some people may have tons to do, while others are not that busy. There were times when I was so bored I had to ask for more work to keep busy. If you're hired in other parts of the country, chances are you will get a company Mini-Cooper to drive. This only seems fair as the pay is much lower than similar jobs in this and other industries so it's a nice perk. Benefits are good here, including medical, dental and other health programs. Overall, I had a positive experience here.Good office culrtureLower than average pay"

Customer Experience Specialist (Former Employee) says

"If you're the type that loves "office culture" then this might be the place for you. Young leadership can lend to under-managed development and feedback opportunities, but it's growing its legs and will be a great company to work for in the US."

Peter Blake says

"XERO is more than twice the price of the competitive software and it is not designed for small business. It is overly complex, not intuitive or easy to use and uses accounting terminology rather than plain language. XERO is designed for accountants who get benefits for sucking users into using it. If you need help just forget it! There are no direct support phone calls, you have to send a message and wait until someone on the other side of the world wakes up and replies. My latest query has taken over a week to finally expose that XERO has NO intention to resolve a subscription rip off. XERO also make it very difficult to export all your data to another application when you have finally had enough."

Malcolm says

"As a new trial customer I am trying to get Xero to work for my company and to migrate from QB. Bank feeds don't work, setting up HMRC reports doesn't work. I've opened a case with Xero support, and also contacted the local UK rep who emailed me when I signed up, but it's been a big void of silence since. Really doesn't feel like I'd be making a jump in the right direction by continuing with this course."

D Lister says

"Good when it works, but poor reliability and support make it unsuitable for any more than a basic company with limited operations. No phone support is possible. The support messaging generally gets a response within a day, but fixing issues has required us to send and receive 5+ messages, meaning that even simple problems seem to take at least a week to fix. The bank feeds to our company accounts are unreliable and have even resulted in a fabricated transaction! Xero don't treat this as a serious problem, which it obviously is for bookkeeping software. I would suggest looking elsewhere for reliable bookkeeping software."

Martin Rusis says

"I had difficulties logging in to Xero and the online guides were not helpful. I went direct to the customer service messaging service. The issue was resolved, but because it is not a live service the turnaround time is very slow, taking roughly 30 days to resolve a simple query."

Malin Hunter says

"We have been using Xero for 5 years now and overall it's a great user friendly system for small business. However....They do not seem to listen to their clients and when you make suggestions on their community page, the queries are not dated which means when someone looks at it it the request could have been made yesterday or 5 years ago. Usually you get a response like "not in the plans right not" but there is no commitment or dates for a review. I feel Xero relies far to much on partner app's instead of extending their functions, from a future proofing point of view this is very risky as other companies will copy Xero - add some features and consumers will change to their competitors. Partner apps are also very expensive for small business and it's time consuming having to switch between programs. Summary: User friendly but limited, Useful improvements rare and Support average"

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